The South West is famous for both its cultural richness, found in the market halls, churches, mills, castles, dovecotes, and its gastronomic richness with specialities such as foies gras, duck breast, confits, honey and wines which will all whet your appetite for a return visit.

You will have the chance to discover the region via the nature trails (tour of the lake: 8 km). Small country roads will lead you on to the footsteps of the Romans, St-Jacques de Compostelle and of course D’Artagnan, where you can roam through or visit the country houses, castles and traditional villages, wash-houses, mills and dovecotes which characterise the Gascogne countryside. You will have to make several stops in order to enjoy the gastronomy of Gers and discover our Armagnac, Pousserapière, Floc de Gascogne and other wines of the region. You will also be charmed by Toulouse and its environs thanks to its architectural and historical heritage such as the Capitole, the Saint Sernin Basilica and the Jacobins Convent. Other places to visit include the “Airbus Industrie”, The Space, as well as the “Aéro Constellation”, the new complex in which the A380 is assembled.